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We Just Need to be Loved

August 10, 2022 Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. Season 1 Episode 7
See Us Hear Us
We Just Need to be Loved
Show Notes

This week’s guest is Tyler. Tyler has an amazing journey that has taken him from the Ukraine, to being adopted by an amazing family in the United States before accomplishing great feats while pushing himself harder than he ever thought possible. Tyler is fully employed, loves his life, helps others like him through advocacy and has even created his very own podcast and music library. 

00:37 – Born, Adopted in Ukraine

01:11 – Getting used to living in America

02:46 – Deal with Parents

04:00 – A Personal Breakthrough

06:24 – Post-High School Transition

06:55 – Saddle Rock Ranch Arrival

07:41 – What’s life on the Ranch like?

08:31 – Advocacy and what it means to Tyler

10:28 – Advocacy leads to Employment Success

13:30 – Tyler’s Future Goals

14:35 – Tyler’s Own Podcast Efforts - Autism Circle

16:01 – Advocating for State Funding

16:35 – Access to Services and Employment

18:25 – Housing Options for those in Need

19:15 – Support from Family

20:30 – Tyler’s Mom Became an Author to Tell His Story 

23:08 – The Importance of Music and Podcasts

27:17 – What can Providers do to Improve Their Services

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