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A Little Bit About Us

July 06, 2022 Family Residences and Essential Enterprises, Inc. Season 1 Episode 1
See Us Hear Us
A Little Bit About Us
Show Notes

Our debut episode is finally here! Join your hosts Chris Long and Bradley as they go over some of their history and their experiences from two very different roads in life. Bradley brings experiences as someone affected by a disability and Chris brings his experience as a service provider leader and father of multiple children. 

00:36 – Chris’s First Experience in Human Services

02:58 – What makes Chris proud about his impact?

04:12 – Potential Future Accomplishments

05:54 – How can this Podcast impact others?

06:55 – Bradley’s Introduction

07:44 – Bradley’s Education History

09:34 – Experience Being Bullied

11:08 – Going to high school with challenges

12:36 – Bullying in High School

14:08 – How to combat bullying

15:38 – Graduating High School

17:01 – Bradley’s Behavior Challenges 

18:30 – Moving into a group home

20:30 – First Relationship Experiences and Challenges

22:14 – Creating New Roads in New York

24:48 – Exploring Bradley’s Turning Point

26:28 – Bradley’s First Employment Opportunity

28:23 – Exploring Advocacy

30:50 – Remembering the Speakers Bureau 

31:34 – Bradley’s hope for the podcast

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